Susan C Foster

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I am a recovering 24/7 workaholic executive who is now a Master Coach and Author.  I am passionate about helping leaders build better organizations and teams, and develop people. I am a firm believer that with happier and more productive people, you will improve your bottom line, work less and accomplish more—your team will be coming up with great ideas because they love working for you.

  • Your people are the real power source that fuels creativity, communications, products, customers and profits. You want to keep the best ones, right? And develop the ones you have to be their very best.
  • When you are a great leader, your best people will follow you anywhere. I’ve had leaders like that.  You can be authentic and true to yourself, set high standards, and still build a workplace that’s positive and productive, instead of a dysfunctional family.
  • Change is constant, and fear can hold you back. It all begins with our thinking and how we show up. Being a great leader is not just telling people what to do, it’s about how they feel. It’s about making them want to do better.

I’ve had lots of successes in helping organizations change and grow, and in helping aspiring leaders navigate their careers without fear.

I’ve been an executive and manager. I know your challenges. I have either made every mistake possible myself, or have seen it made.

When you need help, you need practical, results-oriented coaching for your teams that gets results. (Check out “What A Coach Can Do For Your Business”).

I even wrote a book on it.

I see the possibilities in you and your organization—even when you can’t.

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My Book

  • Have you ever wondered what sets the great leaders apart from the “also-rans?”
  • Are you an overwhelmed leader who wants a magic formula to get your people to follow you anywhere?
  • Do you wonder why you can’t seem to get your employees motivated?
To become “the boss” people follow because they want to, you have to lead, inspire and motivate them to be their best. This book shows you how to do that. Filled with real-life examples, facts and data, along with probing follow-up questions to help you build your leadership “muscles”, it gives you steps that work resulting in more confidence and less stress!

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